5 Ways to Repurpose Your Journey Candles

5 Ways to Repurpose Your Journey Candles

This month Journey Candles are celebrating Plastic Free July.

Although we don’t make our candles with plastic products we wanted to support this eco friendly month by sharing with you what we do with our empty candle jars, once our candles have burnt down.

We’d like to encourage you to recycle and repurpose your empty jars, so here’s a couple of ideas from us.

The first steps is to clean the excess wax from the bottom of your jar. Not sure how to do this? Check out our Clean your used candle blog.


Burnt all of your wine glass candle away?

Well we have some great ideas of how you could repurpose these beautiful glasses. The obvious choice would be to use these as wine glasses, but we can be a little more creative than that.

How about turning these into a wonderful succulent plant for your living area. All you need is some...

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Why We LOVE Shopping Locally and You Should Too

Why We Shop Locally And You Should Too

We love shopping in local fairs, boutique stores and the classic food truck parked down the street. Sure, we may be biased but we wanted to explain exactly why we're so passionate about supporting local businesses and why you should be too!


Feeling more connected to the products and companies when you know the story behind them.

It feels good to know you know where that product has come from, who made it and why they love doing what they do. In a world where Social Media consumes us, it’s not hard to find companies we feel connected to through an online looking glass.

Meeting creative people and knowing you support them is pretty darn good!

These are real people with real families. The money you spend on their products or services money goes towards paying for some new school shoes, a family holiday or even...

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Become a Travel Pro With These 6 Tips

Become a Travel Pro with These 6 Tips

Laura and I have travelled a large part of the world before we hit New Zealand and for sure picked up a thing or two along the way. We’re here to share some of our best tips with you, we hope you enjoy.

That’s not all though!! Want to get your hands on our Packing list that we just can’t go without? Click HERE to Download it for FREE!

1. Not sure if you need it….. you probably don’t!

I’m a sucker for taking unnecessary things, it’s been baked into me from childhood. Take it ‘just in case’. You really don’t need to, pretty much anywhere will sell what you might need. A great example, spare pairs of socks, gloves, hats or toiletries. Unless you’re going somewhere you know you can’t get hold of some...

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8 Inspiring NZ Home Decor Blogs To Read in 2017

8 Inspiring Home Decor Blogs for 2017

We love checking out other local business blogs for inspiration, especially home decor and seeing what we can do with our own homes. However, we shouldn’t keep them all to ourselves so here is a list of our favourites to share with you.

**All images taken from blog's website **

New Zealand Design Blog

FANCY are 100% dedicated to NZ design, but they do feature brands and home decor from around the globe. They’re inspiring posts are made up of awesome high quality images that really showcase each post. We're loving their most recent Ceramic’s creator Paige Jarman, love those blue and white bowls.

 FANCY NZ design blog


Tina Stephen, head designer at ROOMIE, is all about creative spaces and giving others a helping hand...

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Celebrate NZ Made this Valentine's Day

NZ Made this Valentine's Day

Love is in the air, I need to find a gift but I don’t know where.


Really? Well you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got your NZ Gift Guide for Valentine’s Day sorted. We’ve picked some of our favourites to help you lucky guys and gals find the perfect present this year, plus there’s something special for you at the end.



Proud to be 100% natural ingredients and show you the secrets inside, they really are thinking of the customer first. We love their “Good for Everything” sprays which are an all-natural household cleaner. Great for anyone who suffers from nasty allergies or isn’t a fan of taking in any nasty chemicals you often find in commercial products.


We Recommend: Their “Good for Everything” Gift boxes. At $44.95 they’re excellent value!



Well, you didn’t think...

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