Travel Tale of the Month - May

That one time I thought doing The Total Wipeout course in Thailand on Christmas Eve was a great idea. 

Well turns out, not so much. If you haven't seen the show or clips of the course, it's basically a fairly complex obstacle course for adults that will most certainly not complete the course unless your already in training for the forces or something. You can see some of the TV clips here.

So as you can imagine this wasn't my most graceful moment but a lot of fun. Our course included some of the tamer activities such as climbing a huge inflatable pyramid which you could slide down to attempt it all over again...more fun than it sounds.

However, there were more complex obstacles such as the big red inflatable balls, probably one of my favourites on the TV show. Not that Christmas Eve though, I've attached some pictures below to show how dedicated I was at getting across the three of them to the other side.

It's safe to say on Christmas Day I was feeling rather batter and bruised, or Wipe-lashed if you like ;) Here's another stunning picture to prove it.

It wasn't all bad and if your looking for something different to do on your trip to Thailand I would recommend it but beware you may be a bit sore the next day.


I hope you enjoyed another Travel Tale and don't forget we're always looking for your tales too. 

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