Our Monthly Travel Segment

Every month we're planning to give you a hopefully humorous story based around our travels. Laura and I have travelled a huge part of the world independently over the last 5 years and lived in numerous flats, house shares, hostels in so many cities. So we have one or two stories up our sleeve we would like to share with you.

However it's not all about us, so we'll be getting guest story tellers in to tell us about their experiences and share some funny moments. As always we love hearing your feedback and stories you wish to share of your own. If you want to take part in our monthly stories please send them through to admin@journeycandles.co.nz and if we feature you we'll send you a whole load of goodies for taking part.

Our first story is just around the corner so keep a look out for that or sign up to our newsletter to let us do the work for you :)

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