8 Inspiring NZ Home Decor Blogs To Read in 2017

8 Inspiring Home Decor Blogs for 2017

We love checking out other local business blogs for inspiration, especially home decor and seeing what we can do with our own homes. However, we shouldn’t keep them all to ourselves so here is a list of our favourites to share with you.

**All images taken from blog's website **

New Zealand Design Blog


FANCY are 100% dedicated to NZ design, but they do feature brands and home decor from around the globe. They’re inspiring posts are made up of awesome high quality images that really showcase each post. We're loving their most recent Ceramic’s creator Paige Jarman, love those blue and white bowls.

 FANCY NZ design blog



Tina Stephen, head designer at ROOMIE, is all about creative spaces and giving others a helping hand to make that perfect room, home or working space all for a reasonable price. ROOMIE’s blog is a great place to go for stylist tips and recommended products to use. Their piece about winter bedding is an awesome example.

 Roomie New Zealand blog image

My Little House


Hayley, from mylittlehouse.co.nz, is giving us a spy into her beautiful home through her blog. Inspiring pieces such as her expensive but amazing coffee table to her little wooden manakin man from art class. She’s got a great eye and write wonderfully, go take a read and see inside this amazing home.

my little house decor blog


The Design Store


This store sells a great range of homeware products and furniture, but we think their blog is definitely worth a visit! They have a range of ‘How to’s’ that are super practical. We’ve taken some inspiration from their gallery wall and started to build one in Fay’s office :) Keep a look out for their foodie posts too!

the design store new zealand blog


For Keeps Store


This lovely little blog if filled with tips on creating your own pieces for your home. For example you own hanging terrarium garden. We had no idea how to organise our DIY attempts and this blog gave us some awesome tips! Also those wall hanger, we love them.

For Keeps design blog New Zealand 


I am Tarryn Donaldson


This is a great all round lifestyle blog with home decor mixed in for fun. Such a down to earth read and useful at the same time Tarry gives detailed instructions to tutorials mixed in with her lifestyle. For example her piece on her 2 year old's recent party has some great party ideas for kids and the animal theme looks awesome. Keep at it :)

I am Tarry Donaldson home decor blog


Bibby + Brady


Vic Bibby + Dael Brady offer a really personal service for interior designs and this really shows in their portfolio. The work they’ve done in their portfolio looks amazing and looking at their inspirations through their beautiful blog is worth taking a look at. Especially if you’re looking for some awesome ideas on a larger project  or home renovation.

Bibby + Brady design inspiration blog


Ses & Jen


Ses + Jen, or mother daughter duo Jennifer and Sarah work together to create an awesome lifestyle blogs with their favourite current interests from women's fashion, home decor or cute baby clothes. An all round blog that’s a great refreshing read; a good opportunity to take the time to relax over a tea and have a read.

Ses + Jen lifestyle blog New Zealand

Laura & Fay

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