5 Ways to Repurpose Your Journey Candles

This month Journey Candles are celebrating Plastic Free July.

Although we don’t make our candles with plastic products we wanted to support this eco friendly month by sharing with you what we do with our empty candle jars, once our candles have burnt down.

We’d like to encourage you to recycle and repurpose your empty jars, so here’s a couple of ideas from us.

The first steps is to clean the excess wax from the bottom of your jar. Not sure how to do this? Check out our Clean your used candle blog.


Burnt all of your wine glass candle away?

Well we have some great ideas of how you could repurpose these beautiful glasses. The obvious choice would be to use these as wine glasses, but we can be a little more creative than that.

How about turning these into a wonderful succulent plant for your living area. All you need is some soil from the garden and a succulent trimming from your neighbours Aeonium Plant. Make sure you ask them nicely before you help yourself though :)


Empty Milk Bottle? Well here’s an idea on how to brighten up your home!

Our large milk bottle range looks perfect with flowers, repurposing these as a flower vase is the perfect way to brighten up your home. This look more sophisticated than using a drinking glass as a vase, which is usually my go to.

What’s small enough to fit in a Small Milk Bottle, I hear you say?

We have answer for you!! Why not try filling this with tea leaves. They’re a perfect size to fit in enough tea for the week, and they look super cute. I like to fill mine up and take it in the office; you’ll have your tea at the tip of your fingers for the week.

Have you tired Ritual Tea? We love their tea range and they’re also getting amongst Plastic Free July by offering waste free tea this month in Wellington. They’ve teamed up with the awesome Sustainability Trust to help them do this. From Tuesday 11 July, you'll be able to bring along a jar or canister the Sustainability Trust EcoShop to be filled with Ritual Tea Co’s beautiful blends!

Katie from Ritual Tea Co will be doing pick up and drop offs on Wednesday’s and Friday’s for the rest of July, or can arrange delivery to your home or workplace, we’d love you to support them.

There’s so much you can do with your Travel Tin!

Our travel tin candles can be used for almost anything, and they’re a perfect way to store little items when you’re going on an adventure. Our favourite way to reuse these is to turn these into a travel jewelry box. They’re the perfect size to fit in a couple of pairs of earrings, a few rings and a necklace. Here’s a quick tip: add some cotton wool in the tin to protect them from jiggling around too much.

You'll have the cutest coffee cup in the office!

We’re loving our limited edition japanese inspired tea bowl, these can be repurposed into the perfect coffee cup. Enjoy your morning coffee in one of our hand made ceramic bowls, we sure will be :)

Now that we’ve shared our recycling tip, we’d love to hear yours. Comment in the box below and tell us how you repurpose your Journey Candle jars.


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