Cleaning Your Used Candle

Oh no it’s ran out 😫 Don’t panic those little jars are super easy to clean and use over and over again. I’ll walk you through step by step as I clean out one of our milk bottles.


What you’ll need:

  • A container that will fit the base of your jar in with excess room
  • A waste bag to empty the contents
  • Some paper towels
  • Maybe a knife of skewer if the wick won’t quite come off being soaked in the bath.

Plastic Container, Paper Towels, Waste Bag and Knife 

Sweet, first off put the kettle on.

We’ll use the hot water to help melt that teeny bit of wax at the end of the jar, you can make a cup of tea as well too if you like ;) Make sure you wait a few minutes so the water isn’t boiling when you pour it into your container (or bath if you like) as this could damage the jar.


Candle in hot water


Be sure to keep an eye on the wax and watch it melting around the edges, this should be within the first 5 minutes.


Tip: It’s useful to just let the edges melt and not to wait for the full wax base to melt to make it easier to clean


Ohh it’s melting 😍.

Great! Let’s take that waste bag and see if we can carefully pour the hot wax in there. You should see the end of the wick also come loose too and fall out. Hopefully it should all come out in one but if not don’t panic just place it back in the hot water and wait a few minutes more.


Wax Is Melting


Nice, but we’re not done are we?

No no, don’t panic. Once you’re confident most of wax base has come away from the jar, take the paper towels and use them to soak up the excess wax as much as you can. The milk bottles especially can be a little tricky so you could use a spoon to wrap the paper towels around like we have here.


Wax is gone but the wick is left in the candle

Paper towel wrapped around the wooden spoon cleaning the candle


Almost there!

Now we’re almost there we can give the milk bottle a final rinse under the hot water. This should get rid of the very last of the melted wax and any glue left over from the bottom of the wick. You could even put it in the dishwasher if you wanted to make it sparkle ✨. Good stuff, you’re ready to use it for our next project :)


Milk bottle used as a vase


I hope that was helpful and you’ve come up with awesome ideas of how to reuse your old jars? It would make our day to see them! Post them on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram so we can take a peek at your beautiful creations!

 Laura & Fay


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