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So where did it all start?

Laura and I have known each other for roughly 9 years (WOW!), back in 2007 on the same course together at Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK. During our first year in Halls of Residence we became quick friends. Especially as we seemed to be the only ones on our course willing to make that 30 minute walk to lectures; anything to save some $$ during our student days.

After our time in halls came to an end, we lived with each other every year during our time in Leeds. Obviously the midweek nights out were regular, as every good student does.  Although so were our late nights at the library, working hard I swear! Sometimes we’d just be in the mood for some spontaneous trips together; either shopping or just relieving the stress by driving to the next city. Even after a 10pm finish in the Uni library. Maybe that’s where our love for travel started.

From there, we stayed in Leeds for almost over one year after finishing University. Laura furiously saving to travel the world with her partner, and I started my first full time job learning the ropes of the software development world.

So enough about the old days in the UK, where did you go next?

It wasn’t long until we departed Leeds and neither of us looked back! Laura and her partner travelled nearly every continent over the last 5 years. Basing themselves in Australia for a two years and then moving to New Zealand. I was lucky enough to get offered a position in New York for a few months, with my job at the time. I then lived in San Francisco for two years and took advantage of travelling heap of different states, I even managed to get to Mexico. So although Laura and I have been close friends for years, we spent over two years apart taking advantage of a great experience. We couldn’t get enough of it.


And New Zealand?

It was actually a bit of a coincidence we ended up in New Zealand together. While discussing our next plans on a Skype call to put another pin in the world’s map. New Zealand came into conversation and we realised we both had a similar timeframe; we were so excited. After Laura and her partner visited me in San Francisco as part of their America trip, they moved to Wellington with a couple of their friends from Australia. I however followed in their footsteps of a few years prior, travelling through Asia for a few months, before joining them in Wellington and settling here in my first disaster apartment. Seriously, it was a shed at the bottom of someone’s garden. It was tiny, but did have everything I needed.

Anyway, after a few months we found our love for business and decided to set up a company. The aim was and still is, to learn heaps and have a fun project to work on together. We love candles and are both creative people; we want to share our passion with New Zealand. Not only were the raw materials easy to get hold of and at a reasonable price, we could make our products from home! There were a few hairy first tries but we definitely got the hang of it. As we improved our technique and tried different methods along the way, we eventually got to a quality we were happy with and evolved the great products we're so proud of today. Now almost halfway into our second year we’ve learnt so so much about ourselves. As well as how we interact with each other and those fundamental skills of running a successful business.

From here, we’ll keep travelling and expanding. Our business has turned into a passion we really want to make work and thoroughly enjoy doing. We certainly don’t want to see it end anytime soon!

Colour run, Laura and Fay

Laura & Fay

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