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8 Inspiring NZ Home Decor Blogs To Read in 2017

8 Inspiring Home Decor Blogs for 2017

We love checking out other local business blogs for inspiration, especially home decor and seeing what we can do with our own homes. However, we shouldn’t keep them all to ourselves so here is a list of our favourites to share with you.

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New Zealand Design Blog

FANCY are 100% dedicated to NZ design, but they do feature brands and home decor from around the globe. They’re inspiring posts are made up of awesome high quality images that really showcase each post. We're loving their most recent Ceramic’s creator Paige Jarman, love those blue and white bowls.

 FANCY NZ design blog


Tina Stephen, head designer at ROOMIE, is all about creative spaces and giving others a helping hand...

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The Candle Creators

The Candle Creators

So where did it all start?

Laura and I have known each other for roughly 9 years (WOW!), back in 2007 on the same course together at Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK. During our first year in Halls of Residence we became quick friends. Especially as we seemed to be the only ones on our course willing to make that 30 minute walk to lectures; anything to save some $$ during our student days.

After our time in halls came to an end, we lived with each other every year during our time in Leeds. Obviously the midweek nights out were regular, as every good student does.  Although so were our late nights at the library, working hard I swear! Sometimes we’d just be in the mood for some spontaneous trips together; either shopping or just relieving the stress by driving to the next city. Even after a 10pm finish in the Uni library. Maybe that’s where our love for travel started.

From there, we stayed...

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