Why Use Citronella Candles?

All kiwi’s love a hot summer BBQ out on the deck enjoying a sausage or two, the only bad thing about this experience are the flies and mosquitoes keeping us company on these hot days.


Many of us keep a backup on citronella scented goodies, ready to pull out on these summer days. And I’m sure you’re all wondering…… Why citronella? We’ll I’m about to tell you.

 Why use Citronella Candles

Citronella comes from a type of grass called Cymbopogon, some of you may recognised this as lemongrass. These days many people use citronella scented products to keep flies and mosquitos away. 


Citronella masks scents that mosquitoes are naturally attracted to, which means they find it difficult to locate those amazing smelling steaks on a BBQ or a delicious cocktail. In turn, we also know how much they love to nibble on our knobby ankles. Citronella disguises the carbon dioxide scents that are released from our bodies to help keep the mozzies away. 


This strong, one of a kind scent has a unique technique that repels the pesky flies without killing them. It is recommended for outdoor use only, it could get a bit intense in your living room.


Did you know, Citronella is non-toxic so totally safe for use around humans and animals, a product fully approved in New Zealand. Unlike fly sprays which can be harmful to animals and certainly not pleasant around your tasty feast.


Citronella Outdoor Candle

So now that you know everything there is to know about citronella, check out our new summer outdoors gift set which contains our `Fly Off` citronella candle, paired with our `Island Time`, Coconut & Lime fragrance and some candle care goodies too. Priced at $70 its the perfect addition to your outdoor summer set or already wrapped for a great gift. 


Laura & Fay

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