Why We LOVE Shopping Locally and You Should Too

Why We Shop Locally And You Should Too

We love shopping in local fairs, boutique stores and the classic food truck parked down the street. Sure, we may be biased but we wanted to explain exactly why we're so passionate about supporting local businesses and why you should be too!


Feeling more connected to the products and companies when you know the story behind them.

It feels good to know you know where that product has come from, who made it and why they love doing what they do. In a world where Social Media consumes us, it’s not hard to find companies we feel connected to through an online looking glass.

Meeting creative people and knowing you support them is pretty darn good!

These are real people with real families. The money you spend on their products or services money goes towards paying for some new school shoes, a family holiday or even their dream home. It’s not funding their 5th Sports car or their next investment property. By shopping from a small business down the street you can make a real difference.

They really do dance when you make a purchase from them.

Buying Form A Small Business Means An Actual Person Does A Happy Dance

It’s so true, we’ve lived it and seen it in others. As a business owner I can tell you first hand the gratification of someone seeing the quality of your product and validating your hours of design, testing, perfecting and promoting is amazing. You’re not just making a difference to a creator's pocket but your fuelling a passion.

Being part of a growing community

Local communities look out for each other and offer genuine support, this isn’t a traditional way of business but it works.. You only have to go to your local craft fair or Farmer’s market to see business owners helping each other out. Something simple as grabbing coffees or helping set up their spaces to exchanging business advice and spreading the word for each other or starting a collaboration together. It would be a real shame to lose it larger corporations who don’t always offer that network of support.

The money spent locally has a greater chance of staying local

Flower Market


It’s great for the local economy, close communities grow together when you shop local. For example, when you buy from your local creator instead of a big brand. They get that cash to spend on their own favourite local business or local suppliers for their business. Keeping the money within the community and growing the businesses around you. This is NOT the case when you buy from a big brand who often resource their supplies and customer service outside of the country, taking the money further afield or even out of the country.

Yep it’s more expensive, there’s often a reason for that!

You’ve heard the old saying, ‘You get what you pay for’. It’s has stuck around for a reason, quality takes time and love for the craft, you don’t get that with machine made products. Small businesses owners have a passion for what they create and this shines through in their work. Giving you something original, high quality and often one of a kind to enjoy yourself, or give as a really unique gift.

So there’s just a few reasons why we love shopping locally, we hope we’ve inspired you to do the same and keep your own local economies thriving and support network buzzing!


Laura & Fay

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