Journey Candles


Our full range of diffusers come with 8 natural reed sticks and 180ml of scent in a large or 90ml of scent for small, guaranteed to fill your room with our unique smells.

Available in all of our scents:

Siberian Snowflake

French Vanilla scents in our hand poured soy candles are created with the snow in Siberian in mind.

Lost at Sea

Want to be reminded of that last trip to your bach or great walk on the South Island? Perhaps you’re missing the sounds and smells of your last wine tasting trip in Marlborough or a hike up Mount Cook. Our fresh exotic woods scent is inspired by New Zealand.

Rosy Cheeks

Wish you were back amongst those cobbled streets of York, the hustle and bustle of the London pubs or out amongst the great outdoors of the Lake District? Our English rose scented candle will take you back to those unforgettable moments. 

Mai Thai

Dreaming of being back at a full-moon party or post diving cocktail on the beach? With our fruity mango and papaya sweet scented candle, our Thailand inspired candle will gather your favourite recollections.

Oh La Lavender

Miss sipping wine with copious amounts of cheese and a baguette in that quaint street side cafe in Paris, or being amongst the snow skiing in the alps. Our French lavender candle will make you feel like your straight back to France.

Forbidden Fruit

Longing after that amazing trip to the forbidden city and their glorious halls, those spectacular terracotta warriors or the magnificent Great Wall of China? Perhaps you’re more of a foodie and miss those piles of noodles, street food vendors selling creepy crawlies or deep fried ice cream? We’ve chosen our Lychee & Black Tea scent to take you back to this spectacular country.

Ay Oak K

Wish you could relive that last taste of Poutin fries or maple syrup soaked bacon? Perhaps you have memories of that good looking lumberjack out in the woods or wait was it a bear encounter? Our Canadian themed candle with hints of Sandalwood will help relive those memories.

Wild Fuji

Dreaming of being transported back to the Japanese hot springs in Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park? Relaxing with the Macaques or watching them roll snowballs together? Perhaps a warm tea sounds like another great addition? Wild Fuji, our French Pear scented soy candle will cease your cravings; filling your room with a warming scent that’s perfect for relaxing with.